Soft Circuit Saturdays is a collection of projects and resources around e-textiles, wearable computing, and craft technology. Beginning as a weekly blog in 2009, Soft Circuit Saturdays is now an archive of projects and tutorials.

Hi, I’m Angela and I’m a maker.

I’m interested in digital arts, wearable and physical computing, crafts and how all these things can combine. In 2009, decided to start compiling my favorite links/research and document some experiments and prototypes to share here at Soft Circuit Saturdays, but recently started spending most of my time teaching others how to get started with crafts and electronics through weekend workshops.

See more of my work on these sites:

Twitter | Flickr | Vimeo | Instructables
Make: Projects | Fashioning Technology
I first discovered e-textiles, craft technology, and wearable computing during my time at Bennington College, while exploring physical computing. My senior year I spent 2 months doing an independent Field Work Term researching, collecting samples, and trying out soft circuit techniques. This research led to a project called REACTIVEfashion, a collaboration with Rebecca Grabman that demonstrated our experiments in the form of a playful (and electrified) costume showcase.

In 2013, I relocated to Boulder, Colorado to join the Education Department at SparkFun Electronics as their e-Textile Education Specialist. I develop curriculum around e-textiles, write project tutorials, and teach both professional development and student workshops around the country.

Contact Info:


Selected Press Coverage:

10 Insanely Cool Things We Saw at Maker FaireWired.com
Tinkering 2.0: Angela Sheehan ’07 Brings Fashion to Life with Technology – Bennington Alumni Magazine
Making Electronic Designs with Ponoko + Sparkfun – Ponoko Blog
Maker Faire CRAFT Demo Profile – Craftzine Blog
Word of Mouth: World Maker Faire – NH Public Radio
Soft Circuit Saturdays – Talk2MyShirt Blog
Angela Sheehan Talks about Soft Circuit Saturdays – Make: Online
Guest Blogger: Angela Sheehan – Fashioning Technology

Selected Project Coverage:

Instructables Best of 2010 (Lady Gaga Video Glasses) – Instructables
Best of Geek Crafts 2010 (Drawdio Puppet) – Craftzine Blog
Instructables Halloween Contest 2010: 2nd Prize in the Props Category for Lady Gaga Video Glasses
How To: Soft Drawdio Puppet – Tutorial for Craftzine
Lilypad Arduino Pillow – Craftzine Blog
Fun With Drawdio! A Drawdio Jellyfish Puppet – Adafruit Blog
DIY Lady Gaga ‘Pop Music’ shades: so magical, you’d be so fantastical – Engadget Blog
How To Make a Soft Circuit LED Bracelet – Make: Online


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