Halloween Round-Up

October is my favorite time of year. As a crafty person I love the opportunity to go all-out and decorate my house, help out with Halloween celebrations, and get dressed up for costume parties. I’ve always made my own costumes, but it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I started adding some tech into the mix.

2008: 15 minute arc reactor for Iron Man costume. Made of tupperware, spraypaint, LEDs, conductive thread and battery sewn on a t shirt.

2009: Lady Gaga costume – ‘video’ glasses made out of digital picture keychains and light up staff w/ hot glue, beads, and booklight.

This year I’m going back to a classic – a fairy/pixie. I’m working on adding light up elements to the wings and will be publishing a tutorial later this month. Until then, I’ve gathered up a few interesting projects from Instructables for some inspiration on adding technology into your Halloween celebrations.


Light-Up Costume

El wire is a fantastic material to work with for eye-catching results. Instructables user scoochmaroo put together a nice tutorial showing her process of designing the placement and attaching el wire to a full body costume.

Mega Man Costume

This cool costume for kids uses thrift store finds, LEDs inside tupperware, and fabric to make the light up accents.

Light-Up Dandelion Doggy Costume

Alison Lewis shows you how to use fiber optics to make a cute costume for your dog. You could also use the technique to make your a costume for yourself with fiber optic accents.

Chatty Cathy w/ Working Pullstring Voicebox

This clever costume uses a hacked mp3 player to make the doll voice. I love the pull string feature!


LED Spidies

A fun and simple light up spider to make with your kids.

Make Your Own Lightsaber

A Halloween classic and fun DIY project. Why buy one when you can make it yourself?

Animated Jack-o-Lantern

An interesting application of shape memory alloy to make your carving move.


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