Thanksgiving Round-Up: Food Projects

This Thursday is Thanksgiving, which to most Americans means a big meal with friends and family. Here are a few projects focused on food, eating, and digestion which would definitely make my Thanksgiving meal a lot more interesting!

The Syntheslicer

By Jonathan M. Guberman

Attach the Drawdio to the handle — I used a zip-tie. Using copper tape connect one end of the circuit board to the blade, and the other end to the handle so that your hand will be touching copper when you hold the knife. That’s it! To use it, hold the Syntheslicer in one hand and a fork with a metallic handle in the other, and start playing with your food!

[via Adafruit Blog]

‘+/- Hot Plate’

Photo by Moti Fishbine

picks from designboom’s dining in 2015 competition 2008. ‘+/- hot plate’ designed by ami drach
and dov ganchrow combines ceramic and technology together. using the conductive properties
of silk-screened gold and amorphic metal films (in the same manner printed circuit boards or car windshield defrosters work) they created ‘+/- hot plate’. users simply have to hook up the plate to an electrical source
and the current will run through the ‘decoration’ keeping food stuff warm.

[via DesignBoom]

The Gut Listener

This project by Kate Hartman “…exposes you to your grumbling innards and provides the opportunity to listen to your gut.” Follow the link for a video demonstration.


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