Christmas Crafts Round-Up

Here are a few of my favorite holiday crafts that use electronics and conductive threads.

Christmas Circuit Card


Hannah Perner-Wilson shows how to make this fun card using conductive thread, a 3V battery and LED. Switch it on by tying the conductive thread in a bow.

Star Light

Another cool project from Hannah uses a similar bow-as-a-switch concept with a LilyPad LED and battery to create a light-up plush hanging ornament.

Illuminated Snowflake Ornament

Syuzi Pakhchyan shows you how to make this elegant ornament using beads, LEDs, wire, and a clever magnetic closure to hold the battery.

DIY LED Felt Ornaments

The Maker Shed sells these cute laser cut felt ornaments kits w/ three designs to choose from: Dove, Reindeer, and Snowboarder.

LED Holiday Tutu

If you are going to a holiday or New Year’s party and want to make an impression, Lynne Bruning’sholiday tutus are a ton of fun. Even better: she is giving away a candy cane print glittery tutu (sans electronics) this week over at her Facebook Fan Page – enter to win it and you could make it sparkle by adding your own LEDs.


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