Sound Projects Month

To show support for my friends currently doing the RPM Challenge (writing and recording an album in 28 days), I’m going to spend February focusing on sound-making and musical projects. Here are some inspirational projects, tutorials, and products to get some ideas flowing. I already have a few toys ready to hack and build into soft plush instruments and wearables; I’ll start posting updates on what I come up with next week.

Soundie: A Musical Touch-Sensitive Hoodie

This tutorial shows you how to make a hoodie that generates different tones based on conductivity – kind of like a Drawdio but using a LilyPad.

Soft Circuit Musical Tie
A tie created by using the soft synthesizer example from the Open Softwear ebook [via Make: Online]

DJ Hoodie

This project from Kobakant has some great behind the scenes photos and documentation.


A really cool portable noisemaker. I love the way that it unfolds and snaps together to play.

Square Band

The Square Band is a portable square wave synthesizer. The Square Band is worn around the wrist like a watch and includes a set of eight buttons to trigger tones of varying octaves. Additionally, a light sensor is used to change the pitch of the tone within the octave allowing for a wide range of musical possibilities.


The Thingamakit from Bleep Labs built into a hat. [via Make: Online]

Clothtylophone – Cross Stitch Stylophone

Cool cross stitched stylophone using LilyPads and conductive thread. [via Make: Online]


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