REACTIVEfashion is a cross-disciplinary collaborative project created at Bennington College by Angela Sheehan (’07) and Rebecca Grabman (’08). A combination of physical computing and costume design, the REACTIVEfashion line is a series of wearable computing art projects exploring the intersection of technology, clothing, and performance. Each designer produced personal projects as well as three collaborative garments presented during the college’s Spring Fashion Show in April 2007.


Interactive Formalwear | Motorized DressSkate Power
Light Race Jackets | Tween Voodoo | Monster Bag


Photos | Blog/Wiki | Rebecca’s REACTIVEfashion mini-site

Most of these pieces were created in the spring of 2007 as a cross-disciplinary experiment, aided by the input of the Costume Design Projects and the Advanced Projects in Digital Art classes at Bennington. Researched, prototyped, and presented in a span of 4 months, this was an immersive experiment in DIY wearable computing techniques.

REACTIVEfashion was made possible by a grant from the Bennington Student Endowment for the Arts.
Special thanks to: Genevieve Belleveau, Mary Casserly, Keith Eyrich, Joe Holt, Grady O’Neil, Michela Mastellone-Schottma, Robert Ransick, Kristen Scheer, John Umphlett, Alex Ward, and students in the spring 2007 Costume Design Projects and Advanced Projects in Digital Art classes.